Our methodology

Once we have truly understood our client’s corporate DNA, we undergo a “job needs survey” which is crucial to:

By doing so, we are able to identify, select and recommend candidates that not only possess the skills and knowledge required to succeed within the role but whom also fit the business environment and working culture.

Our Team

Spider’s search consultants come from different backgrounds and disciplines allowing Spider to act as a trusted search advisor and business partner across a large range of industries. Our diversified experience, cultural background and regional market knowledge allow us to understand the different business environments and needs of our clients.

Assessment Pillars

Motivational Fit

A recent global survey carried out by the American Management Association AMA, shows that individuals selected on the basis of motivation will contribute faster, perform better and stay longer.

Traditionally, organizations have focused on identifying people based on their skills and experience however; while skills and experience continue to be important, research and practice increasingly point to organizational fit and particularly motivational fit as a key differentiator in the selection process.

In Spider, we assess the degree of alignment between what a person expects or wants from a job, and what the job can actually offer. The motivational fit is a primary component in determining whether a person will remain on the job and perfrom.

Cultural Fit

Cultural fit is the glue that holds an organization together. It is the ability of an employee to comfortably work in an environment that is congruent with his own beliefs, values, and needs. In Spider, we assess culture fit throughout the entire recruiting process allowing us to recommend professionals who will:

  • Conform and adapt to the core values and collective behaviors of your organization.
  • Flourish in their new roles.
  • Stay longer and drive long-term growth and success.
  • And ultimately save you time and money.

According to a recent survey from the Society of Human Resource Management, (SHRM) a poor cultural fit can result in high turnover and cost the company 50-60% of the person’s annual salary.


Our Customers