Our methodology

Once we have truly understood our client’s corporate DNA, we undergo a “job needs survey” which is crucial to:

By doing so, we are able to identify, select and recommend candidates that not only possess the skills and knowledge required to succeed within the role but whom also fit the business environment and working culture.

Our Team

Spider’s search consultants come from different backgrounds and disciplines allowing Spider to act as a trusted search advisor and business partner across a large range of industries. Our diversified experience, cultural background and regional market knowledge allow us to understand the different business environments and needs of our clients.

Assessment Pillars

Motivational Fit

A recent global survey carried out by the American Management Association AMA, shows that individuals selected on the basis of motivation will contribute faster, perform better and stay longer.

Traditionally, organizations have focused on identifying people based on their skills and knowledge however; while skills and knowledge continue to be important, research and practice increasingly point to organizational fit and particularly motivational fit as a key differentiator in the selection process.

In Spider, we assess the degree of alignment between what a person expects or wants from a job, and what the job can actually offer. The motivational fit is a primary component in determining whether a person will remain on the job and perfrom.

Cultural Fit

Cultural fit is the glue that holds an organization together. It is the ability of an employee to comfortably work in an environment that is congruent with his own beliefs, values, and needs. In Spider, we assess culture fit throughout the entire recruiting process allowing us to recommend professionals who will:

  • Conform and adapt to the core values and collective behaviors of your organization.
  • Flourish in their new roles.
  • Stay longer and drive long-term growth and success.
  • And ultimately save you time and money.
  • According to a recent survey from the Society of Human Resource Management, (SHRM) a poor cultural fit can result in high turnover and cost the company 50-60% of the person’s annual salary.


    • SF - Director Human Resources at Philip Morris International
      I had the pleasure to work with Spider since 2008; they supported PMI in identifying talent in very crucial and difficult positions. Spider has the ability to quickly understand the customer needs and the organization culture which then helps them identify the right candidates who will fit in the organization. Spider is a trustworthy, reliable and very pleasant search firm to work with.
      SF - Director Human Resources at Philip Morris International
      Philip Morris International
    • KS - Country General Manager LafargeHolcim Qatar
      I have worked closely with Spider for over 2 years. Spider is a very action oriented and dynamic organization. They focus on both details and the bigger picture. They offer strong insights and valuable recommendations. They are goal oriented.
      KS - Country General Manager LafargeHolcim Qatar
      LafargeHolcim Qatar
    • HS – Principal Recruitment Consultant – Oracle MEA
      In this competitive business world, an unselfish helping hand and business partner is rare indeed. Spider has contributed a lot to hiring the best calibers in Oracle. Their local and regional coverage have also expanded our recruitment activities in the region. Worth to mention that the response rate and flexibility in handling our clients have added to their valuable services. These results would not have been possible without Spider’s support.
      HS – Principal Recruitment Consultant – Oracle MEA
    • KA – VP Global Route to Market - Unilever
      I've interacted with Spider on the professional level and they were completely on top of what they were doing. Their experience, commitment and passion are reflected in their performance.
      KA – VP Global Route to Market - Unilever
    • GG - Group SVP – Talent and Executive Career Management - Lafarge
      Spider is a committed and professional business partner who always understood and engaged genuinely in the business needs and priorities. They have been very successful in providing us with excellent profiles of which many are currently amongst senior leadership of the group. They are very personable and have always been available for their customers and open to our feedback.
      GG - Group SVP – Talent and Executive Career Management - Lafarge
      GG - Group SVP
    • AR – CEO – Kazyon Tawfeer
      Spider has been an integral part of my success as transformation CEO for Kazyon, and Executive Board Member in different companies helping me to recruit top notch C-suite executives without whom I would not have been able to achieve such great results. Besides the typical executive recruiting advantages Spider, has an un-matched capacity to tailor the profile of the executives to match the profile and culture of the hiring company, personality of the boss, team mechanics. Thank u Spider.
      AR – CEO – Kazyon Tawfeer
      Kazyon Tawfeer
    • During my career I have dealt with different executive placement consultants but my experience with Walid was one of the richest conceptually and professionally. Very rarely had I dealt with a consultant who is very deeply understanding and involved in the business of the client he is representing (the hiring company) ... and at the same time passionate about the prospect employee he is offering them .... I really enjoyed the rich business discussions we had, where sometimes we came together to the conclusion of not to pursue a certain opportunity where he was always driven by his fine principals of delivering the right match and maximum value for both the company and the executive and putting them first before his personal benefits. Thank you Walid and I will definitely have you as my consultant for my next move.  
      W.G Group CEO – Phillips Lighting KSA
    • MB - Managing Director
      Walid is one of the most professional recruiters I have ever met during my career path, he showed dedication and enthusiasm when I was a client of him, he went the extra mile to to do his job successfully and I would recommend him as best in the executives recruitment field.
      MB - Managing Director
      Safina Shipping Services
    • DM - CEO
      Walid is a seasoned recruitment professional who marries decades of industry experience with a warmth and humble professionalism that makes him truly exceptional. His constant commitment to learning sets him at the forefront of his field. If you are looking for a firm to manage your recruitment process, I highly recommend connecting with Walid.
      DM - CEO
      Post Growth Institute
    • Having worked closely with Walid for an extended period, he is an excellent recruiter and a joy to deal with. Not only does he find candidates that fit in terms of technical capabilities and culture, he more importantly can see beyond the obvious and recognise talent and potential. That is a rare trait.
      Azza Fahmy
      A.A - CEO - Azza Fahmy Jewellery

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